Faith Healer

Directed by Bruce Katlin


Frank - Jeff Spicer

Grace - Irene Loy

Teddy - Jim Hatch

This critically acclaimed play comes to Taos for the first time! The play consists of four parts and three actors and is a haunting tale of Frank Hardy, Faith Healer; his fragile wife, Grace; and Frank's perky manager, Teddy. Each of their monologues focus on their years on the road, living out of a van as they travel the British and Irish countrysides eking out a meager living as Frank tries to 'heal' the people who visit the pubs and inns where he performs. Each character has their own perceptions and memories of their time together and one night in particular where in a Welsh village Frank cures ten people. 

Previous Production Reviews

"The writing is beautiful, supple, rhythmical, charged with the slow, sure throb of despair and enchantment...Brian Friel is the most profound and poetic of contemporary Irish dramatists." (Observer). Throughout the remote and forgotten corners of the British Isles, Frank Hardy offers the promise of redemption to the sick and the suffering. But his is an unreliable gift, a dangerous calling which brings him into conflict with his wife Grace and his manager Teddy. Their competing accounts of past events reveal the fragility of memory and the necessity of stories as a means of survival. Brian Friel's Faith Healer was first produced at the Longacre Theatre, New York, in April 1979 and was revived at the Donmar Warehouse, London, in June 2016. "The night of Faith Healer is one that still blazes in recollection for me, as religious experiences of art do. And it became a sort of touchstone for me in understanding not only Mr. Friel's work with a depth I hadn't appreciated before but also for defining the elusiveness of great art and the pain of the artist who creates it." (Ben Brantley, New York Times).
"One of those rare works of art audiences are destined to recall as a deeply personal experience. A powerful piece of writing.-The New York Times

"Mr. Friel writes with a certain Irish lyricism and raises important questions."" - Wall Street Journal

"Rich in language and imagery." - New York Daily News


Brian Friel's Faith Healer

Opens October 18th with a limited run!